The other day surfing the internet, I came across the work of Thomas Saliot and found it extremely intriguing.

Born in Paris in 1968, Saliot is a prolific
artist who characterizes his style as
“mildly modernized Pop art.”


Saliot works on large canvases, using oil paint. The images which he draws freehand he finds on the internet or from photos he has taken.


The work that particularly caught my eye scrolling rapidly through my Facebook feed was this one of a young woman walking down a busy city street. In this painting, we see a woman dressed casually, yet she exudes style, grace, and confidence. She is alone, but one can sense she is just fine with her aloneness.


The play of light and shadow and the rich jewel tone purple and gold colors are incredibly atmospheric. This image, as well as others that Saliot captures, bring out the story-teller in me.

Saliot’s paintings make me want to create an inner dialogue and imagine what his protagonists are thinking.


Saliot’s paintings make me want to create an inner dialogue and imagine what the protagonist is thinking…or create a storyline for his multi-figured canvases.


Reading up a bit on Saliot, one discovers he is a journeyer. His inspiration comes from all the places he visits, India, Brazil, France, Morocco, or Spain.

Take a moment and
watch the video to observe how the artist works!

At the moment Thomas splits his time between living in Paris and Marrakech. You can find him on the web here:

and here:

Do you have a favorite “Pop” artist? Leave a comment in the box below and let me know!

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