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MarthaBakerjian’s Italy Travel Guide, Guest post about Artemisia Gentileschi, 2019

Author Wellness for Colleen StoryFeatured writer on wellness, June 13, 2019

Women Writers for Barbara BossThe Author, Melissa Muldoon, receives a letter from Artemisia Gentileschi, 2023

Women Writers for Barbara Boss, How the Italian Language Made Me a Better Writer, 2018

Parrot Times, Lasciare Andare – Learning Italian and the Art of Letting Go, 2018

Recurring Guest Columnist for the Italian Heritage Newsletter of San Jose, 2017 & 2018

L’Italo Americano Newspaper: May 2015 Melissa became a contributing editor to the dual language Italian culture newspaper

Prayers & Piazzas for Stacy d’Anna 2015: Roman Holiday for Meredith Cicerchia 2015: 10 things Learning Italian has taught me

Not Just Another Dolce Vita for Sarah Mastroianni 2014: Italian Immersion with Studentessa Matta

Prayers and Piazzas blog for Stacy Di Anna 2014: My Crazy Journey to Learn Italian Italian Language Learning Articles 2014: Ciao Bella: The Origins and Use of the word “Ciao. Italian Language Learning Articles 2014: Learn a Language, Gain a New Soul: Language and Culture  Go Hand-in-Hand Italian Language Learning Articles 2014: Setting Sail for Fluency: How to Create Your Own Language Immersion Program at Home Italian Language Learning Articles 2014: How I learned to be “una chiacchierona”: Finding the keys to conversation in Gubbio

Savoring Italy 2014 Podcast: Savoring the Sweet Life in Italia

Savoring Italy 2014: Savoring the Sweet Life in Italia. A Guest post with Melissa from Studentessa Matta Italian Language Learning Articles 2014: Learn a Language, Gain a New Soul: Language & Culture go hand-in-hand 

Charming Tuscany 2014 (English Version): How to fall in love with the charming walled town of Lucca

Charming Tuscany 2014 (Italian Version): Come innamorarsi dell’antica città di Lucca e delle sue affascinanti mura

Learn Italian with Lucrezia Oddone (2014): Interview with Melissa la Studentessa Matta

Transparent Language’s Learning Blog (2014): 10 Ways to Practice Pronunciation – Serious Commitment Required

Cher Hale of the Iceberg Project (2013)Why I’m matta for Italian (confessions of a crazy student)

Lucrezia Oddone/Learn Italian with Lucrezia (2014)Interview with Melissa la studentessa matta!

Kathy McCabe / Dream of Italy (2013): Italian Christmas Traditions with Holiday Vocabulary  

Kathy McCabe / Dream of Italy (2013) : A Tour of Italian Christmas Desserts 

Dianne Hales / Becoming Italian Word by Word (2010): Crazy in Love with the Italian Language

Susan Van Allen / Golden Days in Italy (2013): Golden Day Ninety-Four Locorotondo with Melissa Muldoon

Marie Ohanesian Nardin / Italy to Los Angeles & Back (2013): Have you ever dreamt of learning to speak Italian In Italy?

Silvia Ceriegi / Trippando: Viaggio di imparare l’italiano di Melissa Muldoon

Priscilla Siano / Tour Italy Now (2012): Learning Italian Opens New Windows & Enhanced Italy Travel• Interview with Sharon Sanders (2011): of Simple Italy: My Inner Italian

Interview with Sharon Sanders (2011) of Simple Italy: My Inner Italian